Created on  April 28, 2013, by Ellie Burgueno

Contagious, infectious, attractive and friendly,
that’s how I describe a smile…
Use it! Please, give it a try!

Life can sometimes seem boring or too overwhelming
but if you dare to smile,
you’ll earn more than I!

A smile lightens the way of others, it can even change their mood,
especially on one of those days when you’re stocked in traffic,
and maybe your problems almost made you want to run away.

Just try this old remedy: Smile and smile!!
Your stress will go down,
your sorrows will run if you dare to smile you’ll make your face shine!

Frowns, scowls, and grimaces, all of those push people away,
but with only a  smile you’ll be more attractive, and you will feel better…
away from depression, sorrow and pain.

A smile will even prevent you from plastic surgery,
because it will make you look younger, happy and refreshed.
Even the flu, cold, and other illnesses will keep away from yah.

Your blood pressure will be stable,
if you just sit for a minute and take a deep breath,
then smile, smile, and smile again.

Endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin
are released through this system…by smiling, that’s it!!
A great natural remedy cures all that is bad. A smile, a big smile that comes from the heart!

It will also make you look confident,
it might get you promoted…
’cause people prefer smiling leaders than angry or grumbling.

When you wake up in the morning, don’t forget your big smile!
Leave all of your worries in a trash can, then think about the reasons that bring up your smile…
Remember: No need for translation for a good smile, for anybody can do it… -even a napping cat!

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